The Public of the Sault Empowering Community By Giving To Those In Need


Shelter is one of three basic needs of humans. It is a dream of every family to have their own house but not everyone is fortunate to own one. People with low income in our community struggle to afford a home. This is where Habitat for Humanity Sault Ste Marie (HFHSSMA) can help.

They provide people with a safe, secure and stable place to live. It is the perfect time to
support HFHSSMA to help raise funds. No matter how big or small, every contribution to
make the world a better place counts tremendously. Even a little contribution for this
noble cause will make a big change in the lives of many families.

Students from the Public Relations and Event Management program at Sault College
are joining hands with the HFHSSMA to raise funds and generate awareness. With the
help of community and our sponsors, we will help the organization to serve the

People from Sault Ste. Marie will be taking part in our “Santa Soirée” going to be held at
the HFHSSMA as Christmas is approaching, we want the community to show their
Christmas spirit. Each and every person at our Christmas themed event will have fun
while enjoying Canadian and Punjabi (Indian) desserts along with henna art.

They can also contribute to our fundraiser by taking part in the silent auction. “We are highly
fortunate for getting a chance to raise funds for HFHSSMA. This place works as a builder, social service agency, a lending institution and a retail operator for those in need” says Loveleen, a member of the PEM program from Sault College.