They Got The Bus!!


The Ontario Finnish Resthome Association and Foundation are excited to announce, that after three years of fundraising, the wait is finally over. We got the bus! The new wheelchair accessible bus has been purchased and will be rolling up in the summer of 2020.  Heidi Slotegraaf, of the Therapeutic Recreation and Activities Department, says, “I am very excited for the bus – it has been a long time coming!  Our current bus was definitely an upgrade and has served us very well over the last decade. I remember the very first bus –   it was great, but we still had to hand crank the tie down straps and it was smaller inside so it was pretty tight quarters!”

The new bus will seat 16 residents and up to five wheelchairs. The increased seating allows for more residents to participate in the various adventures around the community and for a shorter wait time when organizing group outings. The bus will feature a ramp, which allows everyone to use the same entrance door, which creates a sense of equality among all passengers. This will renew their sense of dignity and independence. Other features include, a back-up camera, and comfortable seating for residents and the driver. “The new bus will be even better and we cannot wait until it arrives!  Thank you to all who helped us in this goal – it is appreciated more than anyone will ever know!” says Heidi Slotegraaf Manager, Therapeutic Recreation and Activities Department.

OFRA and the Foundation are so over joyed that their dreams are coming true for the residents. The Harvest Fest Draw, Bi-Weekly 50/50 Draws, and various other draws have all contributed to the success of the funds being raised. OFRA and the Foundation couldn’t have done it without the help of their dedicated volunteers, staff members and more importantly, you the community. Thank you everyone for helping to make OFRA the Homes with a Heart for our residents and for coming together to do something great!

The Ontario Finnish Resthome Foundation (OFRF) is a charitable, non-profit organization that is the official fundraising body for the OFRA. Through various fund raising projects, memorials, donations, gifts, bequests, grants and governmental funding requests, the Foundation helps OFRA with the cost of incidental items of need that are not covered by the OFRA budget. For more information on OFRF please visit,