Transport agency asks for public input on air travel for disabled people


TORONTO — Canada’s transportation regulator is asking members of the public to weigh in on how to make air travel more accessible for disabled people.

The Canadian Transportation Agency is holding a public consultation on a number of issues that the disability community has been hoping to raise for years.

They include the expansion of the “one person one fare” program, which currently waves ticket prices for certain support workers on domestic flights aboard major carriers but does not apply to international travel or trips aboard smaller airlines.

The agency is also seeking input on whether transportation providers should be asked to accommodate emotional support animals or service animals other than dogs.

The initiative was launched on the same day Statistics Canada issued a report saying society’s popular conception of disability is at odds with the reality experienced by the majority of disabled Canadians.

The agency says 61 per cent of Canada’s 6.2 million disabled people over the age of 15 have a recurring, fluctuating or otherwise shifting disability.