UPDATE: PUC advising 2,500 customers still without power


8:30 AM: PUC crews have restored power to an additional 700 customers and are continuing work to restore power to the remaining 1,800 customers.

8:00 AM: PUC crews have been working non-stop to restore power to around 7,000 customers in areas throughout the city. Yesterday’s storm brought periods of freezing rain followed by wet, heavy snow which weighted down trees and resulted in a number of contacts with power lines.

Some of the areas affected were:

  • Great Northern Road North of Third Line to city limits,
  • Old Goulais Bay Road from Fourth Line to Sixth Line,
  • Whitepine,
  • Backcountry,
  • Second Line West west of Allen’s Side Road to Gros Cap,
  • Second Line West, Airport Road to Pointe Des Chenes area,
  • and the P-Patch.

As of about 8:00 AM this morning, crews had power restored to 4,454 customers with 2,500 still without power.

PUC would like to remind all of our customers:

  • Downed wires should always be considered energized or “live”, and extremely dangerous
  • Do not approach or drive over a downed power line and do not touch anything the power line may be in contact with
  • Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about powerline safety and the dangers that can be associated with power lines

If you have any information leading to the cause of the outage or other concerns please call the PUC emergency number at 759-6555.


  1. We live in one of the safest areas of the world. It is NOT very often that we are inconvenienced like this and need to realize that workers are out there doing their job. Compared to blizzards…fires in Australia…hurricanes…tornadoes…multiple car pile ups in Southern Ontario and in the USA…we have it pretty lucky up here.

  2. The poor trees 🌲 are taking a beating.
    Best of luck to all the men and women working hard to get the power back on.
    Sucks to not have power Mother Nature is spanking us .
    Quite the way to end the decade.

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