We owe two very important people an apology!


Earlier today we published a Canadian Press story here on SaultOnline, From fourth place, Singh says he’d rather push Liberals than work with Tories, which was incorrectly accompanied by the following photo of the Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan.

We would like to offer both NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and the Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan a public apology for this error and sincerely regret any embarrassment this may have caused.


  1. Mistakes happen. Anybody that expects anything to operate with 100% perfection is being unrealistic. The bottom line is too often in today’s world we see people doubling down once a mistake is made, an apology was issued, and Sault Online took ownership of the situation by explaining how this had transpired while sending any applicable apologies.

    I think the situation sucks and is unfortunate, but I think it was ultimately handled properly.

    • Joanne Zeppa Joanne Zeppa, not that it minimizes this error in any way but we use an automated aggregator to import stories directly from The Canadian Press. The incorrect image was contained within this particular story which The Canadian Press has apologized to us for. None the less, it was published on SaultOnline which we sincerely regret and upon learning of the error apologized to both men via email, front page story and social media. If you believe any media outlet, whether big or small, operates without the occasional error, you may be mistaken. But thank you for taking the time to pass along your negative thoughts without knowing the details of what transpired.

    • Thank you for your explanation but I regret that you needed to include the sarcastic last sentence. Your job should include passing along the details of what transpired.

    • Joanne Zeppa this is not intended to be negative in any way. The decision was made not to deflect blame on the source of the error so that our sincere apology wouldn’t be minimized. Our intention was to offer up a heartfelt apology for the story being published on our website without a member of our team catching this mistake on a weekend when resources are much lower. At the end of the day, this was most likely an unintentional click of a mouse on CP’s end. We definitely do not wish the backlash we’ve received redirected back on that person. Unfortunately today with the speed of social media, it’s all to easy to grab a whip and deliver lashings whether they are entirely deserved or not. Unfortunately it is also next to impossible to take them back once delivered. A quick glance at some of the comments directed at us such as “White News Outlet” and being labelled as “Racists” can give you a glimpse of how mean people can be… one can on imagine what anyone, of any race, who is in a public profession might have to endure.

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