Algoma Visionary Awards “inspires a lot of positive trends within the community.”

2020 Algoma Visionary Awards
2020 Algoma Visionary Award Winners. Photo by Meaghan Kent/Meaghan Kent Photography

The Chamber of Commerce’s Strive Young Professionals Group held its third annual Algoma Visionary Awards Gala at the Grand Gardens North on Friday evening.

This sold-out event is a way to show recognition to individuals in the community aged 19-40 who are in the workforce in a variety of sectors – from trades and labour, to hospitality management, IT, health sciences and more.

Strive Young Professionals Group Chair Derek Jackson said both Strive and this event wouldn’t be possible without community support.

“It’s definitely a community-driven event, and that’s why we’re happy to see so many people from the community out to celebrate,” he said.

“Recognition on all areas is important,” Jackson said of why they host this event.

“It’s like in business you want to recognize your employees so you keep them doing a good job – you want to do that in the community as well.

“The benefit of recognizing people – telling their stories, explaining what they do and why they’re winners – really empowers everyone else to say ‘Hey, that person is doing an awesome job. We want to watch them throughout the community and see what they’re up to and what they’re doing and how they’re making a difference, and I want to be that person too.’ It really inspires a lot of positive trends within the community.”

The full list of winners is as follows:

               Award                                                                Winner

1.          Arts, Music & Culture                                      Andrea Pinheiro

2.          Business Administration                                  Lacey Petingalo

3.          Consumer & Retail                                         Anthony Alfano

4.          Environment & Natural Resources                 Sandy Holmberg

5.          Health Sciences                                              Amanda Richard

6.          Hospitality & Tourism                                      Josh Ingram

7.          Information Technology                                  Monique Morrison

8.          Lifestyle & Wellness                                        Kyla Flaganely

9.          Public & Social Services                                Heather MacLary

10.        Trades & Labour                                             Chad Leask

11.        Business or Professional Development Achievement           Jennifer Matthewson

12.        Civic Pride                                                      Katrina Francella

13.        Community Champion                                   Caceila Trahan

14.        Excellence in Entrepreneurship                      Diana Petainen

15.        Leadership                                                      Bridget Lamberts

16.        Striving Star                                                    Erica Hogan

17.        Strive YPG Member of the Year                    Patrick Lo

18.        Strive YPG Game Changer                           Katie Elliot

19.        Strive YPG Male of the Year                          Jeff Greco

20.        Strive YPG Female of the Year                     Jessica Belisle