Anti-Racism Action Program

Photo by Zachary Nelson
“lack of knowledge of the other, as well as current rumours, stereotypes and prejudices about the other unknown person” Cities Free of Rumours
Monday night, the Council approved the Anti-Racism Action Program (ARAP) application. The City applied for $33,000. The program funded by the Federal government with no financial cost to the City.
The Sault Ste Marie and Area Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) created the proposal. The funding would go to expanding existing activities.
The LIP program called “Change Starts Here: Intercultural Leadership Program” intends to do three activities:
  • producing vignette-style videos showcasing examples of inclusive hiring practises in the community
  • developing and delivering a digital literacy workshop for youth to provide them the skills, knowledge and resources they need to effectively challenge disinformation, rumours, hate and discrimination on social media
  • commissioning a mural to celebrate the Sault’s increasing diversity to increase newcomers’ sense of belonging to the community
The ARAP is part of Canada’s Anti-Racism strategy to promote intercultural education and awareness.
ARAP objectives:
  • support communities confronting racism and discrimination
  • promote intercultural and interfaith understanding
  • foster equitable opportunities to participate fully in Canadian society
  • promote and engage in discussions on multiculturalism, diversity, racism and religious discrimination
  • strengthen research and evidence to build understanding of the disparities and challenges faced by racialized and religious minority communities, and Indigenous peoples
Sault Ste Marie is becoming an increasingly diverse city. The City’s strategy to “Welcome and Seek Out Immigration” and meet goal #5 of the Future Sault Ste Marie Executive Summary report requires an increase in immigrants.
Since 2016, we resettled over 250 refugees. Over the next three years, the number of refugees will double through the Federal resettlement program.
The new Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) program recently started. Skilled foreign workers and their families can immigrate to the Sault. The RNIP will add several hundred more foreigners over the next three years.
Sault College and Algoma University have a high percentage of international students. Both schools’ strategic plans include increasing the number of international students in the next few years.
Between all the immigrant and refugee sources, the Sault could see an increase of over a thousand new foreigners into the city.
The ARAP proposal to Council states “changes to the familiar social and cultural identity of the community” are coming. Most of the changes from Federal government programs.
The proposal wants to “foster peaceful coexistence and cohesion among all community members.”


  1. It is racism to to there own cultures to exclude the white people over there own.
    It doesn’t matter if we need a job to support our families, they can but our stores and kick us to the curb do they can support there families.. that’s not racism at all. CIRCLE K IS GOOD FOR THAT AND THEY LIE ABOUT IT WHEN CONFRONTED. Maybe they should double take a second at there actions towards us instead of us getting blamed for all the discrimination. JUST SAYING..

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