ARCH Hospice Gifted Proceeds from Daigle’s Dragonfly Shop

Dragonfly Shop

The Dragonfly Shop volunteers gathered on January 28 to acknowledge the $9,000 in funds they’ve been able to raise for ARCH Hospice in their first year of operation. The Dragonfly Shop, which is owned and operated by Reggie and Christine Daigle, has said the purpose was always to raise and donate a portion of the proceeds to ARCH Hospice. Christine, who can often be found working at her Dragonfly Shop on weekends, wanted to thank all the contributors that make it possible, “We’re grateful that many of the people who work at The Dragonfly Shop donate their time – my own mother can be found in here most days! It’s wonderful to see how many people donate their used items to the store, and then there are the many locals who shop here.”

Regular recurring donations such as The Dragonfly Shop’s help ARCH provide care and support at no charge to the community. “We say this often,” explains Lee Rendell, Manager of Fund Development at ARCH Hospice, “but we are a community hospice. We couldn’t do it without community donations such as these – it’s how we’re able to provide the quality of care and support to local families. Without almost $800 000 annually in support and donations, ARCH wouldn’t be able to keep providing the quality end-of-life care needed in our community. We are truly grateful for all of our donors.”

For more information about the Daigle’s independently owned/operated Dragonfly Shop, located at 454 Queen Street East, visit the store or reach out on their Facebook Page. Those interested in donating items or volunteering their time, please contact the Dragonfly Shop directly by calling (705) 450-0449.


ARCH Hospice provides quality, compassionate care through end-of-life to Algoma District families at no cost. The emotional, spiritual, and physical comfort of our residents and their loved ones is our highest priority. We offer a home-away-from-home during one of life’s most precious times. ARCH Hospice is only partially government-funded, requiring significant fundraising as well as the generosity of over 140 volunteers to provide our services to the community. By donating to ARCH, you are contributing to the comfort of the community as a whole. If you’d like to learn more about ARCH Hospice, the local care and support services provided, or how to donate directly, please visit, call (705) 942-1156, check out their Facebook Page, or email at [email protected].