Canadian military resumes some operations in Iraq following Iran scare


OTTAWA — The Canadian military is resuming some operations in Iraq following a temporary suspension of activities last week.

Brig.-Gen. Michel-Henri St-Louis says the military is again flying transport aircraft in and out of Iraq to supply troops there.

St-Louis Is the commander of Joint Task Force Impact, which oversees many of Canada’s anti-Islamic State efforts in Iraq and the surrounding region.

He tells The Canadian Press the military also recently swapped out some of its helicopters that were in the country and due for replacement because of wear and tear.

The Department of National Defence also says some of the estimated 200 Canadian special-forces in the north of the country have started working again, though it did not provide further details.

As for the 200 Canadian soldiers helping train Iraqi soldiers to fight ISIL, they remain largely hunkered down on Iraqi bases, where they have been since their activities were suspended last week.

The suspension followed concerns about escalating tensions between Iran and the U.S., stoking fears of an Iranian attack.