Giant Tiger To Open Sault Store


Back in June 2019 , was first to tell you of some major changes coming to an east end mall and now we can confirm one of those changes.

Discount grocery and retail outlet, Giant Tiger is moving into a space as the western anchor of the Wellington Square Mall mall in July of this year.  The retailer will occupy 18,000 square feet and employ 35 full and part time positions.  Giant Tiger will compete with another grocery store located in the mall, Food Basics.

The Mall itself is undergoing some structural changes. A spokes person for the mall, Terry Slewidge told last Summer that the mall will change to a plaza format – however no date has been confirmed for those changes.

To apply for postiions or learn more about the retailer, CLICK HERE


  1. Alrighty people just to clarify the reason for GT not locating at Station mall @ the former Walmart space; it was said that the space square footage was too large for a GT & the old Sears location was even larger. This was mentioned in the article.

  2. The Reason why giant tiger is going in the Wellington square mall and not the station mall is because the station mall charges way too much for rent for the businesses and the Wellington square mall gave them a good deal

  3. The Hamlet is saved. Bless Giant Tiger. The saviour of retail in small dying towns. No, Sault, you will never get a Costco or an IKEA or real tenants for your closing shopping centres. Cheap quality goods. Wow. Such excitement.

  4. Well l think where ever it is it will give people another store to shop in l love Giant Tiger. And can’t please everyone. I would love to see Costco here also

  5. I work for a retailer and obviously support retail business. Any growth to our city is a good thing. What this city needs is a industry or plant to open who will employ people and they will make some serious cash. Not min wage.

  6. Great news – Welcome Giant Tiger!!! Maybe we’ll finally see some life breathed back into Wellington Square/Plaza.

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