International Women’s Day Celebrating Local Women


Nomination criteria includes assisting other women, being a positive role model, breaking into new territory, donating time to women’s issues, work in the area of social change.

The selected honourees will be the guests at a dinner on Thursday March 12th with guest speaker Kelly Tallon Franklin of Courage for Freedom on Anti-Human Sex Trafficking.

All nominators, family, friends and the public are welcome to attend the dinner. Dinners are $45 and can be reserved through by the evening of Sunday, March 8, 2020.  Meals to meet dietary needs can be noted when purchasing the ticket.

Nominations must be received by 6pm on Thursday, February 20, 2020. Contact Marlene of BPW Sault Ste. Marie at [email protected]  or 705-946-5642 to receive a nomination package.


  1. Some of the countries our ‘feminist’ prime minister is working so hard to help or establish trade with are the world’s worst offenders for human trafficking. That tells you something.
    A true feminist pm would be sanctioning these countries or in the very least putting pressure on them, not using our tax dollars to help make them wealthier.
    And this type of politics is allegedly ‘woke’.

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