Kate Graham would expand Northern Energy Credit, Move Provincial Jobs to Northern Ontario


Liberal Leadership candidate Kate Graham released her Northern Ontario strategy today, outlining a vision where Queen’s Park empowers Northern Ontario to thrive.

The plan includes improving broadband access in the North, developing a Rural Post-Secondary Education Strategy, and taking action to improve transportation in the North, including investing in all-season roads and returning the Forest Roads Funding Program to $75 million. Graham would also move provincial ministry jobs to Northern Communities, and help Northern Ontarians save money through an expanded energy credit

“Running in this campaign has allowed me to spend more time in Northern Ontario than ever before. The people here are innovative, resilient, and hard-working: but they need a better partner in Queen’s Park” said Graham. “My plan is designed to empower Northern Ontarians to build solutions that suit their communities’ needs and make life easier.”

Another part of her strategy includes a commitment to releasing a targeted plan later this week to address health gaps in Northern Ontario, including an increase to the Northern Health Travel grant.

“It is unacceptable that a province as prosperous as Ontario has a two-tier health care system where some can access care and while others cannot,” said Graham. “I met a father in Thunder Bay last month who shared about his young daughter getting sick, and having to be flown to a pediatric hospital in London for weeks. The cost and hardship on Northern families to get health care needs to change.”

To read more about Kate’s plan to empower Northern Ontario, click here:

Quick Facts About Kate’s campaign:

  • Graham has raised over $185,000 from over 680 donors. In the past few weeks, she has travelled around the province in an electric car to personally knock on the doors of almost 300 Liberal members– and counting.
  • Kate has a “Kate Slate” of delegates running in every riding in Ontario to go to the Liberal Leadership convention in March.
  • Graham’s policy vision is grounded in improving Ontarians’ well-being. A focus on well-being has been championed by other progressive governments around the world, including New Zealand and Iceland, and Graham wants to bring a made-in-Ontario approach to Queen’s Park.

Graham has outlined four priority areas of well-being for her campaign: empowering Ontarians where they live, making life more affordable, creating better jobs, and making Ontario carbon-neutral.