Local Crime Stoppers in Jeopardy?


If you have ever watched a Crime of the Week or bonus video that has left you with some unanswered questions, this video is for you.

For the past several weeks, members of the community have been submitting questions to the Crime Stoppers office in regards to the program and how it works.

Why does Crime Stoppers feature minor thefts? Why does Crime Stoppers take so long after an incident to release a video? Today, those questions will be answered.

Throughout the month of January, the Crime Stoppers staff will continue to answer the community’s questions as part of their Crime Stoppers Jeopardy segments.

Have a question? Submit it in the comment section below or send us an email to [email protected]. Questions will be answered weekly.


  1. We all see and read about the crime of the week every wednesday. I often wonder what kind of results do you get? It would be nice to see a graph showing the number presented every Wed and the number caught.
    Secondly…I may be the only one that does not know the answer to this but…here goes… Where does the money paid out by crimestoppers come from?

    • Hi Bri,

      We release our stats monthly to our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages. December’s stats will be released this week. If you follow us on social media or subscribe to our YouTube page, you will be able to see our stats each month and what we’ve accomplished.

      Additionally, all reward funds are raised through multiple fundraisers that we host throughout the year, like our Trip Draws for example. We use the donations provided by businesses and community members to fund our rewards account and office staff.

      Thanks for your questions!

      -Lesia Obarymskyj
      Crime Stoppers Office Assistant

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