Morneau says environment, protecting economy to be key focus of 2020 budget


TORONTO — Finance Minister Bill Morneau says the environment will be an important focus of his upcoming federal budget.

Morneau is in his downtown Toronto riding today to kick off consultations on what could be part of the financial blueprint to be released by spring.

Speaking to a group of students at Ryerson University, Morneau says health and safety issues, such as gun control, are also themes in his spending plan.

He is also making clear the budget will take into account issues beyond Canada’s borders, like trade wars that can send ripples through the domestic economy.

Morneau says the budget will ensure federal finances are prepared for any issues the government can’t predict.

The Liberals will need the help of opposition parties to pass the budget, since the government lost its majority in the House of Commons in the 2019 federal election.