Need inspiration to get healthier in 2020? Join the Healthy Sault movement


A healthy lifestyle movement is set to launch this week, and everyone’s invited.

Local entrepreneur and lifestyle coach Lou Derrer is on a mission to improve the health of local families. Lou and his supporters believe that if we all pull together as a community, we can create an environment for positive change.

“I’m the first to admit my goal is an ambitious one, but I’m confident it will grow, due to the incredible amount of support I’m already receiving,” says Lou. Both individuals and local businesses are stepping up to offer their assistance in many ways, including in-kind contributions and workplace presentations.

The Healthy Sault Movement is currently in the early stages of development, with the website in Phase 1 of 3.  Once completed, it will be a comprehensive resource for healthy lifestyle-related activities and information, including a directory, event calendar, blog, tips, success stories, and more.

To kick things off, Lou is asking those who are interested to visit the website and take the pledge. By doing so, you’ll set your intention for the coming year to improve your health and join the local movement. Emails that follow will give pledge takers free access to knowledge, tips, activities, and group coaching calls, as well as available paid programing for those interested in fast-tracking their results.

One of the main goals of Healthy Sault is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from a lifestyle change, regardless of their financial situation. Believing good health isn’t just for the wealthy, Healthy Sault aims to provide hope and direction to people from all walks of life. All you need to get started is a desire for change.

Lou says “As a lifestyle coach, I’ve witnessed the struggle that people experience when trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It’s a difficult thing to do on your own. I feel that if we approach this as a community, we can provide the love and support that is needed to create sustainable results and transform lives. The opportunity to play a role in all of this is very rewarding and clearly the most gratifying thing I’ve done with my life.”

Many of the health challenges we face today are lifestyle-related, including the epidemic of type 2 diabetes and other preventable diseases. Lou feels it’s time we pay closer attention to that reality and put more emphasis on prevention rather than treatment as our overall healthcare strategy. If we focus more on taking personal responsibility for our own health, we can significantly improve our quality of life, and reduce the burden on our healthcare system. We can all look forward to a healthier future if we choose to live a healthier lifestyle today.

To learn more about the movement, contact Lou Derrer at [email protected] or visit