Pee Wee Hockey Team Hopes To Win $100,000 With Good Deeds Video


The PeeWee hockey team McDougall Marlies (‘07 and ‘08 kids) teamed up the the SSM OPP and Rome’s last month to help fill the shelves of the Soup Kitchen.

“We learned that this year we collected more donations than any other year EVER!!” said Debbie Fagan , representative of the team.

“We learned that before our kids and the OPP dropped off the donations the shelves of the Soup Kitchen were depleted.  We got word that the Soup Kitchen now has food to last a few months thanks to our amazing community!!”

Chevrolet runs a competition for all PeeWee hockey teams called  “The Good Deeds Cup”

The team is hoping to mark their good deed and make it even better.

“The prize for this competition is $100,000 for a local charity!! How amazing would that be for Sault Ste Marie and the community ” Logan said in an email.

” I would love to encourage the community to like and share the video.” Fagan said, “Every view equals a vote”