Property Tax Hike Is Reasonable

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“It’s a very responsible budget,” Mayor Christian Provenzano
Cities are having a hard time capping their budget increases to the inflation rate. The Sault 2020 budget increased at almost twice inflation. At first glance, the property tax increase of 3.63% seems high compared to other government increases in the Ontario news.
The Ford government capped public services workers’ salary increases to 1% per year. Presently, Ford wants the teachers to accept a 1% increase. However, the teachers’ unions want 2% and it’s a stalemate. Budget pressures affect all levels of government.
Is the Sault’s 3.63% property tax increase unreasonable compared to other cities?
Don’t ask the people in Calgary. Their property tax hike of 7.51% is the biggest of any medium or large city. The Sault’s is less than half that.
Greater Sudbury’s property taxes increased by 4.8%. Thunder Bay’s proposed 2.32% increase hasn’t passed through council and most likely will increase. Sault’s increase is between Sudbury and Thunder Bay.
Peterborough’s population size compares to the Sault. They keep adjusting the 2020 property tax higher. The projected property tax increase sits at 2.75% after three successive increases at the last three City Council meetings.
London’s completing its 2020 budget. The target of a 2.7% increase that the mayor promised won’t happen. The present proposed rate is 3.2% but could rise to 4.5%.
Toronto Mayor John Tory campaigned on property tax hikes tied to the inflation rate. Using clever wording Tory achieved his goal of a 2% property tax increase. Except Tory added a 1.5% building levy and other “assessments” totalling another 0.74%. The real Toronto property tax increase is approximately 4.24%.
One major issue affecting city budgets is the downloading of some provincial services onto municipalities. The Ford government created the Audit and Accountability Fund (AAF) for municipalities and school boards to assess their services. The AAF’s purpose is to find efficiencies to help municipalities save money. KPMG presented the Municipal Services Report during the last council meeting which was paid for by the AAF.
Given the financial pressure put onto municipalities by the Ford government. Mayor Provenzano and Councillors created a responsible budget compared to other cities.


  1. On the verge of being broke towns like the Sault that were one of the victims of the Ruia brothers have to raise taxes just be glad it wasn’t an even higher increase. If you don’t like it get outta Dodge and see if you fare better elsewhere.

    • @John – I fared far better before moving here. Unfortunately I accepted a job offer and fell for the Soo’s marketing which I soon realized was far from reality.
      Currently I’m working on getting out of here and once gone I won’t ever look back or think about this place again.

  2. Council needs to tell every city department they MUST reduce their budget by 5 percent….that would be a start.

  3. Considering our tax hike last year was “City council passed its 2019 municipal levy of $114,995,220 Tuesday night with an overall increase of 2.55 per cent. It also increased the outside agency and levy board portion 0.99 per cent, making the entire increase total 3.53 per cent” Adding in this years reach, this makes it 7.16 % in LITTLE MORE THAN A YEAR!!! No, NO NO NO!!! This has to stop!

  4. The tax increases of the last few years show no evidence of responsible management by the city and council. Council seems to simply swallow whatever the city tells them – they are like sheep. They no longer even try to justify it to the taxpayers.

  5. bring back JOE——a real intellect—he ran a tight ship and put manzo in his place when needed —4000 tax on b service street—ditches —no sidewalks and 40 year old culvert that has not been replaced— and reported and what —my friends at city hall say shut up or —living the dream

  6. I feel the increase is way too high for our City. I remember a few years back they had a 5 year plan and then it was to remain steady but no increase year after year. It worries me how retirees are going to be able to stay in their houses. It sad to work all your life and it all goes to taxes of some sort.

  7. Mayor Quimby..oops I mean Provenzano, is one of the worst mayors to have hit the Soo as far back as I can remember.
    Under his leadership we’ve seen consistent increases in crime, company closures leading to further job loss, increasing overdose rates, etc. Now, I understand these aren’t all caused by him, however his seeming lack or foresight and action have definitely made the impact worse.
    What kind of mayor doesn’t even have a full grasp of a drug problem that is otherwise well known? Is he that disengaged with the community? Does he not care to review the published statistics or meet with key stakeholders? Or is he just another photo-op Mayor Quimby?

  8. How do Canadians keep voting for libs? Mo money, Mo money, and the libs blame somebody else. Like the minimum wage, where does it end? Could a woman/it/they be elected prime minister?

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