Record Enrolment Achieved at Algoma University

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Last night, the Algoma University Board of Governors were informed that for the first time ever, overall enrolment across campus locations in Brampton, Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins has exceeded 2000 full-time equivalent students.   This key highlight was announced as part of a special progress report presented by University President and Vice-Chancellor, Asima Vezina.

“This is great news for Algoma University. Our strategic enrolment management efforts have far exceeded our original expectations,” stated Brent Krmpotich, Director of Enrolment Management. “The progress shared today builds on the positive momentum generated by the 76 per cent overall enrolment growth we have achieved since 2018-2019.”  The University is forecasting continued enrolment growth on all three of its campuses over the next five years as it moves toward its current overall target of 3000FTE.

The Board also heard updates on efforts tied to enhancements to the overall student experience, support for the institution’s Special Mission of cross-cultural learning, increasing workplace readiness and experiential learning opportunities, as well as other efforts to support organizational excellence in operations and finance.


                   Algoma University Demonstrates Significant Economic Impact 

                   Magnitude of impact expected to expand with continued growth 

In addition to the progress report, Governors were informed of the findings of a recent Economic Impact Study which measured the value of Algoma University to the Sault Ste. Marie community. The report was completed by Emsi, a leader in the use of labour market data to support planning and decision management in the higher education sector. Findings, based on 2017-2018 data indicate that the University had an annual $80.2 million impact on the regional economy, supporting over 1100 jobs across numerous sectors.

“This economic impact report will be a powerful performance baseline metric, as we move forward in our campus development.  It is critical that we are able to quantify our contribution to the local and regional economy, and make informed decisions, based on concrete data,” states Colin Wilson, Director of Strategic Advancement.   The report looked at impacts in Sault Ste. Marie, Brampton and Timmins.

“The data presented tonight will help guide our Board as we consider strategies for continued growth and development into the immediate future,”  stated Board Chair Dr. David Nanang. “Our economic impact will continue to expand as our enrolment and other institutional priorities move forward. The efforts of the entire University community are paying off.”

Board members were also introduced to Craig Fowler, who recently assumed the role of Campus Principal at the University’s growing campus in Brampton. Enrolment at this location has grown by 239 per cent since 2018 with new degree programs in Computer Science and Psychology scheduled to commence in September 2020. The University continues to expand facilities and staffing to address current and future growth needs in downtown Brampton.

The next meeting of the Algoma University Board of Governors is scheduled for March 26, 2020.


    • Onus of responsibility is on the student to come in advance and arrange loving accommodations – it’s a standard step for all students. Failing to do so is extremely irresponsible and foolish on the student’s part.

  1. Next article will state how the teetering on the edge of broke city has donated more money to them while we drive over gaping potholes every day, for years on end.

    • And the even bigger slap in the face is that Algoma U employed more people than they had students. Talk about a poorly managed institution. How is that in any way sustainable? No wonder they’re asking the city for a big handout.
      I’ve never heard of a post-secondary school (other than barely legitimate diploma/degree mills) that asks the municipality for money. They should be embarassed.

    • Was my comment about university fiscal management removed? It was accurate.
      Sootoday is bad for engineering article responses, please don’t go in that direction.

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