Sault Makes The Cut As One Of The Friendliest Cities In The Country!


There’s room for improvement, but guess what? Sault Ste. Marie is one of the friendliest cities in the country, that according to 

“We looked to our 1.5 social media audience to find out “where you would find the friendliest cities in the world?”, so diving further into our results we now have the friendliest places in Canada.” the website states.

The travel website selected 25 of the friendliest cities from coast to coast. Sault Ste. Marie ranked 17th!

Toronto ranked 24th and Vancouver was ranked number 1.  In all, 8 Ontario cities made the cut. The Sault was the only Northern Ontario city to make the list.

This beautiful waterfront city is home to the kind of lifestyle that people dream about – an actual work-life balance and proper community feel. You’ll quickly find that people are nice no matter what. Whether you’ve been born and raised here or are just passing through, locals will treat you with the same kind attitude. The website claims.

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  1. Lived there my whole life (62 years). Never found it friendly. Very cliquey. There’s are reason they call it the zoo in southern ontario. To 40 percent of the population you are mangacake. Moved south don’t miss it at all. Love northern Ontario but not the sault. And I worked for the city for 30 years.

  2. I’ve honestly met a lot of really nice people here. It’s one of the reasons I really love being in Northern Ontario. We have our challenges, as every city does, but overall I think we’re good, friendly people.

    • Peggy Daynard I live in London. It’s here too. It’s everywhere. Northern Ontario is WAAAYY friendlier than down south. I’ve lived both places. That’s just my take.

      • Having lived in both regions I couldn’t disagree more. I didn’t really enjoy living in London and I found it very similar to the Soo

  3. Ummm what….
    I must be living in a different city. I’ve found that people here tend to talk a lot about how friendly they are.
    During my car accident where a driver went through a stop sign & t-boned me, the people in the nearby house yelled because his horn was stuck on due to the accident. People were literally driving between our 2 cars as I’m bleeding stuck in my car. Not one person stopped. Had to cut my seatbelt off and knock on 2 doors – my cell phone was broken and the woman in the first house wouldn’t call the police for me – the guy at the second house did.
    Having moved here I don’t find the people here any friendlier than anywhere else, but there are definitely more ‘clicky’ groups here.

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