Sault’s First Cannabis Store To Open Early March


Sault Ste. Marie’s first legal cannabis store is set to open in early March.

Hello Cannabis! will open on Northern Avenue and employ 20 people.

Company CEO Stephen Verbeek opened Hello Cannabis in Hamilton and was one of the first medical cannabis stores to open in Canada.

The store will sell dried cannabis and oils, edibles and beverages. Edibles became legal in Canada at the end of last year.



    • Kim Zakrocki Dinsmore the applicants must obtain a medical license to start in Hamilton. They closed down all the others who werent licensed.
      That being said , the ones still open have crazyyyy prices ! And the streets have better quality…win win to buy from streets. Only people i know who goto the shops are new to smoking or dont know anyone.

  1. Honestly, it is about time, but until these idiots lower the prices to 5$/g and less they will continue to fail lol. Black market has the best quality and cheapest weed still and seeing how they are making their edibles/extracts super low THC. This will not have any impact what so ever lol.

    • Ryan Boissineau the fact that’s it’s a legitimate business by the government should be enough. This “black market” grass is better yes but people don’t realize it’s still illegal.

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