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Ayla-Rose Warth

Welcome back to The Crux …. Chapter Two

We are pleased to present the next chapter in Sault author Ayla-Rose Warth’s evolving, and intricate speculative fiction work that will be published in mid-2020. Where Chapter One introduced us to The Crux, a highly secretive underworld, ‘outlaw’ counterculture, and its tech-punk protagonist Vyris, Chapter Two provides readers with more details about her life, and the mercenary mission that she has agreed to complete for a mysterious, but powerful stranger. The first Chapter Two installment will be released January 11.

The Crux Chapter One installments generated over 450 social media comments – an excellent start! For UFE Tagona Press (and SaultOnline), this is decent proof that serialized storytelling works, and that a Crux community will grow as the story unfolds. Even better for Ayla, we have been encouraged to commence development of The Crux as a radio drama, with that separate work will be ready for broadcast in late 2020.

A dedicated Crux Facebook page will be available for our readers, where additional materials and information about the project (especially its creative, and multimedia content development perspectives). With our second SaultStream Serials offering coming January 15 (local amateur historian Peter Hupfl’s terrific project ‘An Iron Hand’, and the Sault’s intriguing French colonial past brought to new life), we hope that these stories entertain, engage our community, and perhaps resonate across the wider online world.

And a word for the trolls …

Most of The Crux social media reaction was flattering, with the implicit recognition that good writing is a craft that often merits a kind word. The best comments offered constructive criticism for Ayla – the lifeblood of any creative process. Writers who resist it will never get better. And … in one or two cases, mean-spirited trolls who spat out some bile under the guise of opinion.

One is tempted to simply ignore people who derive obvious pleasure from throwing rocks, and then hiding behind a digital pseudonym … if you won’t put your name to your opinion – you are a coward. I imagine these trolls as frustrated, petulant types, still living in their parent’s basement, sucking up bandwidth. Maybe I am wrong … but I doubt it.

As we introduce more SaultStream stories, more emerging authors, and more creative genres, we will always encourage the community to engage with us. But the Serials will remain a place where civility rules – all views, even strong criticism, most welcome …. But only when you give us your real name, and real, verifiable address. Trolls can find another place to play with themselves ….