Teachers in Ontario’s French system start work-to-rule campaign today


TORONTO — Teachers in the Ontario’s French system are starting a work-to-rule campaign today, meaning they will no longer be completing some administrative duties.

The union, known by its initials AEFO, says this is only the first phase of its job action.

The move means all the major unions representing the province’s teachers are now taking part in some form of labour action.

Teachers were outraged last year when the Progressive Conservative government announced that average high school class sizes would increase and four e-learning courses would be mandatory for graduation.

The government has since scaled back those plans, but union officials have said that’s not enough.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce maintains the key sticking point in talks is compensation.

On Wednesday, Lecce announced plans to compensate parents of children affected by rotating strikes, in a move union leaders characterized as a “bribe.”

Under the plan, parents whose kids aren’t yet enrolled in school but attend school-based child-care centres affected by the strikes will get the most money, while those with children in grades 1 through 7 will get the least. While parents of secondary school students won’t get any funding, those with children with special needs up to age 21 will get $40 per day.

Lecce said the funding is intended to ensure students “remain cared for” during the labour actions being staged by the province’s four major teacher unions.

The announcement was met with swift condemnation from the leaders of several teachers’ unions.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 16, 2020.

The Canadian Press


  1. Teachers vote for strike then go on strike. This nonsense of disrupting every families lives once a week is just a big show. They will tell you that this is best for the kids when in reality it is best for them, they still get a pay day this way ,on strike they only get strike pay which for most will not cover their monthly bills. Ford should lock them out and let them stew for a while.

  2. Give them a contact Ford and quit trying to take education away from our youth.
    Teachers are the ground work of the next generation of work force , who pay taxes so you have a job….

      • 4 days a week does not equal an education…Lock’em out and run school into summer if you have to. Don’t see alternative schools on strike (like Mennonites). I guarantee they aren’t nearly as highly paid either

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