The Aftermath (photo gallery)


No doubt the recent heavy snow makes for a picture perfect postcard, but we also know heavy snow and ice can lead to a number of problems.  About 15cm of heavy wet snow fell during the New Year’s holiday . The weather event caused numerous power outages in the city and around the district. viewer, Erik Petersen documents the tree damage around town in the following photo gallery.



  1. After the last three days, I just have to say something. Yes the power went out in the Sault but, that was not the only outage happening in the Algoma area. We live and work on St. Joseph island. Sunday’s storm brought major devastation throughout the island with power outages occurring on and off for the last three days, yet not one word reported. We personally were without power for 53 hours and some may still be without as of today. Fortunately we were back online as of 6pm last night.
    That being said, we are ashamed of our local coverage including CTV. The story here is, that due to the ice storm, and the snow accumulation on top of the ice, the island trees have been devastated. Normally we wouldn’t worry about a bunch of trees, but the the back story is the impact on the maple syrup industry. Whether you are aware or not, St. Joes is the second largest producer of maple syrup in Canada next to Quebec. This is of great importance to the area we live in due to the impact on our local economy. Talking to one producer, he has stated that this storm has brought more damage in two days than he has seen in the past twenty years. He isn’t optimistic that he will actually produce any syrup this coming season due to most of his operation is on the ground. If others are in the same situation then the island syrup production is in serious trouble. This is major news!
    So I say to you, the news makers and takers, open your mind to the fact that the news doesn’t revolve around Sault Ste. Marie. Make some calls, take a drive, whatever, just report the news responsibly and include all of your reporting area.
    Hope to see you on our beautiful island someday!

    • This is an illuminating comment, I checked over the days of this ice storm looking for more coverage and pictures and was not able to find much. That is what inspired me to start taking pictures and helping to create the story myself. Even the PUC was sporadic in terms of the frequency of power-related updates. I am very interested in your story, maybe take some pictures and submit them here. I also share your misgivings on the coverage of this ice storm from our local (incl. CTV) media outlets.

    • The irony of your statement is while Sault residents act like the world revolves around them they’re complaining that Southern Ontario thinks the world revolves around them.
      Thanks for bringing that to my attention – I honestly hadn’t even thought about the island industry (that we all enjoy in town here).

    • But this is still “Sault” Online right?
      This is a good opportunity for a story, it would be wise for the owners of the syrup companies to contact all the news sources they can to draw attention to the devastation they are facing, perhaps it would help them to get financial help from the gmnt to help replace damaged lines and equipment and the labour they’ll need to get it installed.

      But complaining to a news company about the lack of covering a story that is outside their normal coverage area is not an appropriate action on your part. However, thank you for sharing this information it will certainly help me and others support our neighbours.

    • Steve Richards with CTV, if it did not happen in Sudbury, North Bay or Timmins, it did not happen, with any other of the media outlets here, if it did not happen inside city limits, it did not happen (and even still they don’t get all of the news in the city)

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