The Solo Family Says Thank You and Farewell


Chef and Owner, Chris Lepore, has decided to make a career change this 2020.
Chris has decided to close his restaurant on Queen Street known as “Solo Trattoria.”
The popular Italian and Mediterranean restaurant has been in operation for over twelve years
and offers favourite dishes like Gnocchi Gorgonzola and Seafood Risotto.
Mr. Lepore wishes to thank those in the community who supported his culinary passion by
visiting Solo Trattoria.

Patrons who have gift certificates for Solo Trattoria are encouraged to use them before the
restaurant permanently closes on Friday, January 31st 2020. Reservations can be made by
phoning the establishment and speaking with a hostess at (705) 254-7656. Unfortunately,
unused gift certificates cannot be redeemed for monetary value and will not be accepted
beyond the date of January 31st 2020.

Chris invites the community to dine in Solo Trattoria and enjoy a final meal as a farewell to the establishment prior to January 31st 2020.


  1. this is why i never gift card—stung in past—i only give CASH now—not even clothes – that have to be returned—-only cash

  2. Thank you Chris and family for many great dinners and memories at Solo. Most recently that last family meal we just had there in memory of my dad. Wish you all the best.

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