“This is all about the students; it’s not about the teachers.” HSCDSB Takes Part in Province-Wide Strikes


The Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board rallied outside local MPP Ross Romano’s office on Tuesday as part of province-wide rotating strikes. Local teachers and education workers are standing up against the cuts to education, violence in the classroom, special education funding, and larger class sizes to name a few.

“This is all about the students, it’s not about the teachers,” Huron-Superior Catholic Teacher’s Association President Darrell Czop told SaultOnline.

“The teachers would rather be in the classroom today, but they know they need to do what they need to do to make sure that funding for publicly funded education is in place…in order to put some pressure on the Ford government to get back to the bargaining table, this is the escalation that needed to take place in regard to our job action.”

“Let’s keep in mind that EAs are not mentioned at all in this strike, and they make $30,000 a year here locally. So it’s not about the one per cent, it’s not about the two per cent raise for those people here locally, it’s about what we do for a job,” Michele McCleave-Kennedy, Sault Ste. Marie and District Labour Council President, said. “And we love working with our students.

“So we’re fighting to get our students to services they require and the number of people to service those students.”


  1. Does the local school boards not bear some responsibility to the situation? Big money spent on all these grandiose new buildings is a cost of education. So instead of adequate staffing monies went to those cathedrals of learning. The pile of money is only so big.

  2. Give these hard working Teachers a contract.
    They are raising the next generation of workers.
    Deserve to be in school teaching, get back to bargaining please.
    Best of luck to our teachers. πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • If it’s truly about the students and teachers want students to get everything they need, then forgoing an increase in one contract in order to facilitate smaller class sizes, EA’s etc would be happening.
      But that’s not happening and compensation continues to be a sticking point which says it all.

    • Terry Wishman I kinda gotta maybe agree cause this morning watching the news they said the teachers are yet again wanting significant raises. I was under that standing there was no asking for a raise just stop the cuts. I had a feeling the mighty dollar was forsure involved and now I’m proven right !!

      • Yes, and how about the people who only have limited internet. I live north of the city and we only have so much internet usage in a month before we pay extra.

        • The teacher union is intentionally obfuscating details in their favour – the e learning would still be guided and facilitated at schools, not just done anywhere.
          It would allow a modern & consistent approach to learning in addition to the module being geared toward the individual’s speed of learning.
          Classrooms have already been using forms of e-learning for years so the only thing new would be the frequency.

    • Laurie Faught I agree they still have challenges but they still hold people hostage for their agenda through the propaganda it’s for the children. They are still one of 5he highest paid workers with a pretty envious holiday schedule

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