ADSB Warns of More Strikes Next Week


The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) announced yesterday that it is again engaging in province-wide and rotating (local) strikes next week.

There will be a province-wide strike on Tuesday, February 11thand for the Algoma district, another one-day strike(as part of the rotating strikes) on Wednesday, February 12th. Both days are a full withdrawal of services (otherwise known as a strike or walkout)

.In the Algoma District School Board,this union represents all our Elementary and Adult Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) teaching staff, thus please be advised that all elementary schools, all 7/8 programs in secondary schools,Superior Heights Community Education,Rock haven school as well as Adult and Literacy Basic Skills programs will be closed to students on Tuesday, February 11thand Wednesday,February 12th,2020. Students will return to class on Thursday, February 13thThis means that parents will be required to make alternate arrangements for their children on both February 11thand February 12th.

We also remind parents of the following: •all third-party licensed Childcare Operators/Before & After Programs in ADSB willbe permitted to remain open, however please check with your childcare operator directly to confirm or for more information;•all Community Use of Schools will continue;•al lContinuing Education and Adult Education Credit classes will continue; •any scheduled School Counci meetings or school-based meetings, activities and sports are cancelled.We apologize for the inconvenience and trust you under stand that we cannot operate our schools without appropriate staff. We remain hopeful that an agreement can be reached in the near future.


  1. In a study released in 2006 it was found that 45% of Ontario teachers regularly bully their students – nearly half of teachers.
    That behaviour included:
    Conduct that may cross the line and be considered bullying include:

    Belittling or intimidating a student
    Singling out one student for punishment or ridicule
    Humiliating or shaming students in front of classmates
    Yelling at a student or group of students
    Using racial or religious slurs or other forms of belittling a student based on gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation
    Sarcastic comments or jokes about a student
    Public criticism of a child’s work
    Consistently assigning poor grades to one student on objective assignments or projects

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