CN shuts down eastern rail network in Canada, Via service


TORONTO — Protesters who are blocking railway lines forced CN Rail to shut down its train network in eastern Canada on Thursday, the railroad said.

The company said that also meant stopping all transcontinental trains across its Canadian network.

Via Rail said the decision also was forcing the stoppage of all its passenger rain service in Canada, which mostly uses CN track.

Blockade organizers across Canada have said they are acting in solidarity with those opposed to a pipeline project that crosses the traditional territory of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation near Houston, British Columbia.

The blockade in eastern Ontario caused both CN Rail and Via Rail to suspend all service between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

CN Rail, which says it transports goods worth 250 million Canadian dollars ($188 million) annually across Canada, said it sought and obtained court orders to end the illegal blockades.

The Associated Press


  1. Do the band members feel they are above the law? A court has decided they must take down the barricades. Why are the RCMP not doing their job and enforcing the court order?Where is TRUDEAU in all of this? Try taking your family to a railway track and hold up traffic. You would be removed pronto by the OPP. INCLUSION MUST include following the laws of the land.

  2. I think they need to tally up ALL the financial burden and losses these blockades are causing and send the bill to the respective indian reserves. Yes it’s our constitutional right to protest but fully stopping the flow of traffic, whether it be by road, marine or by rail is illegal, especially when it causes problems for thousands of innocent bystanders. Subtract the financial cost of these blockades from the annuities the respective reserves receive from the Provincial and/or Federal Government. Make them financially responsible and see how fast they take their blockades down. Enough is enough!. Don’t they realize that they aren’t gaining support from the majority of the country, but in fact, pissing them off more and more. Then they cry when they are subjects of racism. They are the cause of their own demise. They need to join the rest of the country in solidarity and become equal instead of being the poor little indians that are so hard come by, yet expect to have their cake and eat it too. I am Metis but I don’t exercise my rights because its wrong. We are supposed to be a united country. Time for EVERYONE who is a true Canadian to be 100% equal, in every way. We arte all part of Canada and we all own these lands equally, EVERYONE!

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