Documentary On Serial Killer Encounter Has Sault Connections


A Documentary surrounding Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur and a man who had an encounter with him, has Sault Ste. Marie connections.

Producer Bill Greer, President of iCogitate Productions Inc, grew up in Bar River east of Sault Ste. Marie. Greer is the driving force behind the full length feature documentary, “Was I Next? :The Sean Cribbin Story.

Eight men connected to Toronto’s gay community were brutally murdered and their dismembered bodies hidden in planters between 2010 and 2017. Sean Cribbin unknowingly escaped death on July 26, 2017 when his encounter was interrupted with Canada’s most notorious serial killer, Bruce McArthur.

Bruce McArthur is currently serving a life sentence for the grizzly murders of 8 men

Was I Next? The Sean Cribbin Story is a documentary that examines what happens to the primary witness in a case where there is no trial, no chance for testimony and no opportunity
to be heard. It is the story of one victim turned survivor, of Sean’s journey back from the encounter and massive police investigation, as he navigates through being shamed in the
headlines, PTSD and survivor’s guilt. “All my power was taken away… starting with him.” Far from being the sensationalized version shown in the news media, this documentary bears
witness to a community that got behind one of their own and helped Sean find his center through an outpouring of healing love and support.

“At iCogitate Productions we have tried to put the humanity back into an otherwise gruesome and horrific headline. We are a production company committed to the story
behind the story – from script to screen.” said Bill Greer, Producer.

The film was directed by long-time local  producer from ONNtv, Craig Huckerby. “I was absolutely thrilled to be hired as Director for this project” Huckerby said, “Though I have done many shorter documentaries and news programs during my career, this is my first full length doc, and what a story to start with!”

“Words can’t begin to describe how proud of our local team we are. You hear the same thing over and over again from all levels of government… we need to create meaningful career opportunities for our youth here in Sault Ste. Marie which will both retain and attract them to our naturally gifted Community.” said Bruce Clement, President of Superior Media Ltd., “Two years ago our management team set out to not only launch one of Canada’s first local television stations to provide a traditional linear broadcast streamed through the internet, but also create a high definition production hub which could tackle a variety of projects from corporate videos to documentaries and entertainment. ” Clement said.

ONNtv’s creative producer, Garrett Masters is handling the final edit on the feature film.

“We quickly determined that much of the talent we needed was readily available right here in the Sault, and even attracted two young adults just starting out in their careers to relocate here from Southern Ontario. They both fell in love with our Community. I would like to thank Billy Greer and Tami Rydall for this opportunity to showcase our local talent and look forward to working together on even more projects like this one.”  Clement said.

ONNtv’s Tami Rydall, who has graced tv screens and online was hired as Executive Producer.

Filming on Was I Next? The Sean Cribbin Story took place during summer and autumn of 2019 in Toronto, Hamilton and Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, and will be finished post production and editing in time for the 2020 film festival season.  For more information go to 

Was I Next?: The Sean Cribbin Story will be released sometime in 2020.


  1. I agree there were 26 charges (49 potential victims) with 6 convictions at Robert Pickton’s sentencing and Bruce McArthur was convicted of 8 murders at his sentencing last January 2019. Regardless of charges and potential victims, ‘biggest’ serial killer is based on the number of convictions – proven in a court of law and McArthur had 8 with Pickton convicted of 6. Period.

  2. I absolutely agree, Pickton was charged with 26 (suspected of up to 49) but it’s convictions and he was convicted on 6, Bruce McArthur was convicted on 8 – is the definition for largest in Canada (based on actual convictions in the sentence) and while McArthur is suspected of the killing spree in the 70’s (which would put his over 50) I suspect there are many more we don’t know about – I had to base it in fact for the documentary and go with the reporters and legal definitions state – not what we ‘think’ Bruce was convicted of more. Period.

    • The most “notorious” is subjective.

      It’s arguably Paul Bernardo. You probably can’t name one of Pickton’s victims without googling. But I’m sure you know the names of at least one of Bernardo’s victims.

      The most “prolific” murderer is actually Yves Trudeau. He turned informant and his charges were reduced to 43 counts of manslaughter. But still a “serial killer”.

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