Elementary teachers to resume strike action today after contract talks fail


TORONTO — It’s shaping up to be another week of scrambling for thousands of parents of kids whose teachers are planning strike action.

Contract talks between the province and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario collapsed Friday with ETFO saying its teachers would walk out at each board twice a week, starting today.

The school boards to be hit by elementary strikes today include: Bluewater, Grand Erie, Halton, Ontario North East, Renfrew County, Superior-Greenstone and Trillium Lakelands — and a provincewide strike by ETFO is set for Thursday.

All four major teachers’ unions have been without contracts since Aug. 31, and are all engaged in some form of job action. High school teachers announced last week they would resume their weekly rotating strikes on Tuesday, after not holding any during last week’s exam period.

Unions representing English Catholic teachers and teachers in the French system have bargaining scheduled this week.

Unions are asking for wage increases of around two per cent to keep up with inflation, but the government passed legislation last year capping wage hikes for all public sector workers to one per cent for three years. The teachers’ unions and several others are fighting it in court, arguing it infringes on collective bargaining rights.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 3, 2020.

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  1. Nothing gets resolved without talking. Keep talking.

    I’d really love to see an unbiased news release from the mediator to know what the true sticking points are. The only information that hits the media comes from union news releases and conflicting government minister announcements.

  2. Here’s a thought instead of refusing 1% raise and insisting on a 2% raise for 3 years how about y’all take a 10% reduction in pay we use that money to hire more teachers instead of my tax dollars doing it I mean you only work 187 days a year. Not this year of course with all the strikes and with all these extra teachers we can pay them $80,000 a year and reduce your class sizes?

    • Bryan Schmidt then why are they insisting on 2% it’s not about the money high school k-8 teachers make $82000 a year/ high school teachers make $95,000 a year that’s more than the average family!!! I never had one single child and I’ve been paying into the educational system for 35 years where’s my refund? The liberal shut down more schools than any other government. Fact

    • Bryan Schmidt I respect you for your service being a veteran my entire family fought for this country but the bottom line is $50 a month x all the teachers equals billions it’s a simple math equation and judging by all the people I deal with coming out of school they can’t make change for a ten if the bill comes to $9.18 without using a smartphone

    • Even if it was about the money, look how much they spend out of their own pocket for supplies for all the kids in their classes? Imagine having twice as many kids and having to still pay out of pocket for their supplies?

      That’s not to mention the kids who need extra help who aren’t getting it.

    • Jennifer Lynn you totally missed my point so take a cut in pay and I don’t believe teachers are paying out of their pocket like they say they Do it’s just a talking point from the union bosses who are greedy remember every raise a teacher gets the union takes their cut it’s about greed pure unadulterated greed I wish my job gave me two months off in the summer a month off at Christmas personal development days a month off in March and $65 an hour that’s more than a nurse makes

    • Burt Sugarman and we should be helping. There’s no reason teachers should have to buy EVERYTHING. When I went to school, everything was supplied by the government. Nothing is now. And it’s our kids who are needing these items and help.

    • I remember years ago when 1993 Algoma steel went on strike for six months because they wanted a $5 an hour raise after Algoma steel was going to declare bankruptcy they took a $3 an hour cut! just to keep their jobs

    • Dan McDonald ok boomer chill. They are fighting increased class sizes, they are fighting for more help in the classrooms (for example ea’s). Do you have children or children with children? Do you realize these teachers take care of AND educate these children 5 days a week? Do you understand the cost of child care? Day cares run average $35 a day.. do the math! Nevermind them shelling out of their own pocket to buy incentives, supplies, snacks etc. You really have no idea do you? Enough with this millenial bullshit and wake up. Get over yourself you should seriously be representing “your generation” alot better. The only one looking foolish here is you

    • Jen Blair what you don’t understand is the contributions that the government pays into their golden pension is included in that I know they make $67,000 a year and up to a $94,000 a year I do my research I’m just averaging things

    • Notice how it always the dinosaurs who have a problem with this?

      “Back in my day we had it so much harder, you dang millenials have it so easy”

      10-4 there dinosaur there should never be a point in your life where you want the generation after you to have a hard life.

      Maybe if you had a better education system when you were in school you wouldnt be so uneducated on this subject.

    • Michael Plastino thank you for being one of these people that are making our next-generation a useless bunch of twits with their nose buried and smartphones the entitled I’m offended you hurt my feelings I don’t know whether I’m a boy or a girl I will call you a wambulance

    • Dan McDonald complaining about technology while on technology 👏👏👏

      You have no idea how I’m raising my children, I assure you they will be tremendously more tolerant than you.

      Whip out your abbacus if you dont like it.

    • Krystle Plastino actually children I don’t even have a great 12 I quit school and gained the equivalent of an MBA I have a 141 IQ I have owned businesses three of them a manager for the largest retailer in Canada. I was raised my great people in a good time the world has gone to hell and I’m sad to see it this way I hate arguing with people young enough to be my children because when I talk back to my parents I got an ass whooping

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