MADD Canada asks Ontario to investigate reports of licence plate problems

Ontario's new licence plates as of Feb. 1, 2020. (ServiceOntario/Twitter)

TORONTO — Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada is asking the Ontario government to review an apparent problem with its new licence plates that makes them difficult to read in low light.

MADD Canada says in a statement that night-time visibility issues being reported by police and the public are a very serious concern.

The organization says it’s crucial for people to see the plates clearly in order to report drunk or dangerous drivers.

The problem was first raised over the weekend when an off-duty Kingston police officer posted a picture of an unreadable plate in a well-lit parking lot at night.

Consumer Services Minister Lisa Thompson says the plates were tested rigorously before their release earlier this month and passed those evaluations.

Toronto Mayor John Tory said today he hasn’t heard about any issues of the new plates not working with traffic cameras, but the city will follow up with the province if problems arise.


  1. This was a total waste of taxpayers money-we did not need a change.
    I think persons of/in power should not try to make a change on their own, but rather lower out overall debt if there is money to utilize.
    “Blue” is a dumb color to begin with, as that is the color of the night.
    White is better visualized….and who is responsible for this decision anyway?

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