Police Make Arrests In Jewellery Store Robbery


On February 24, 2020 officers with Patrol Services and Investigation Services arrested 26-year-old Derek Battagin and 21-year-old Kirsten Maitland for robbery.

On February 24, 2020 at 11:08 a.m. police received a call of a robbery at the Station Mall. It’s alleged Mr. Battagin and two other male suspects entered Charm Diamond Store, a
display case was broken, an unknown amount of property was taken and they fled
the scene. When police arrived Mr. Battagin was being held by Station Mall Security. Police took him into custody at that time.

The two other male suspects, and Ms. Maitland, who was waiting outside in a vehicle, fled the scene. As a result of the investigation, Ms. Maitland was located in the 300 block of Sussex Drive at 3:00 p.m. She was arrested and a subsequent search found her to be in possession of a necklace valued at approximately $799 and small quantities of what is believed to be methamphetamine and cocaine.

Mr. Battagin is charged with one count of robbery. Ms. Maitland is charged with one count of
robbery, one count of possession of stolen property and two counts of possession of a controlled substance. Both were held for bail.

As a result of the investigation it has been determined no shots were fired from a firearm. The display case in the store was struck with an axe, which we believe resulted in the false report of a gunshot going off. The investigation continues as we are still seeking information regarding the whereabouts of the two other male suspects involved in the robbery.

If you have any information about the robbery or the suspects, we urge you to call Detective Sergeant Geoff MacLeod at 705-949-6300 ext. 288.


  1. Notice how quickly Police work when it’s a store being robbed? They would never work this fast if it was someone’s house.

  2. We need a Level 3 Detox Center – people lost in addiction end up ‘dealing or stealing’ – ask any recovered addict. Think of how ridiculous this crime was – during mall hours, with mall security. Someone in their ‘right mind’ would not attempt this. People lost in addiction are not in their right mind – they are not thinking clearly but obsessed for the need for their drug AT ANY COST. That’s the reason we are seeing so much theft – drug addiction- and bad drugs like meth, crack, heroine. The detox we have now is not enough. They cannot help with medication to detox, they don’t have the resources for programming. A Level 3 center would provide this along with the mental health supports to successfully recover. If we want the crime to stop we must all lobby for access to recovery. Let our Mayor, MP and MPP know your thoughts.

  3. I hope the other two are caught as well, and they all get serious consequences, but we all know the courts and justice seem to be a lost cause these days. If this robbery is due to drug addiction, give them each 2 years in a proper treatment facility, far from the Soo.

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