PUC Wins Provincial Award for Customer Service Excellence


PUC was recognized for its outstanding customer service at last night’s Electricity Distributors Association (EDA)’s Awards Ceremony in Toronto.

Every year, top performing electricity utilities from across Ontario are honoured for their accomplishments, programs and best practices across a variety of categories. PUC was recognized for their efforts in delivering the province’s AffordAbility Fund (AFT), demonstrating leadership in customer service, customer engagement and energy conversation.

“I am very proud of the PUC team for receiving this award,” said Rob Brewer, President & CEO of PUC Services Inc. “I believe this recognition is a reflection of how we have embraced change, creating a culture that focuses on innovation and putting customers first. I want to recognize all of the hard-working members of our team who were instrumental in helping with our customer outreach and delivery of the AffordAbility Fund program. The success of this program has made everyone a winner – our customers, local business and the staff at PUC who are gratified to see the difference they have made in our community.”

Of the 100-million-dollar AFT program budget, Sault Ste. Marie accounted for 11 per cent of the total allocation to date with less than one per cent of the population. At the end of January 2020, Sault Ste. Marie had 5,610 verified participants, who through this program can expect to see reductions in their hydro bills with an estimate of almost $2.4 million of potential savings for PUC customers on an annual basis.

In addition, this program has contributed significantly to the local economy. PUC has been able to utilize local suppliers and has allocated over $5 million in contracts to small and medium sized businesses in Sault Ste. Marie.

“I want to thank PUC’s Executive Team for their leadership on enhancing value to our customers while contributing to the local economy,” stated Jim Boniferro, Chair of PUC’s Board of Directors. “As the energy industry continues to evolve, this award signifies a very positive direction for PUC that the Board is very proud of.”

For more information on the EDA Awards, visit www.eda-on.ca. To see how you qualify for the AFT program, visit www.ssmpuc.com or www.affordabilityfund.org