Sault College Builds on its Impressive Safety Record


Sault College continues to build on the strength of its health and safety program, which has led to another significant safety milestone. The College is extremely proud to announce that it has surpassed more than two million safe hours without a lost time injury!

A “lost time” claim is created when a worker suffers a work-related injury/disease which results in being off work past the day of accident loss of wages/earnings, or a permanent disability/impairment[1].

“One of the greatest assets at our College is our active Joint Health and Safety Committee. This committee strives to educate, advocate and strengthen our health and safety program with the collective goal of building a safe and healthy workplace. This milestone is a strong testament to their hard work and dedication in creating an organizational culture that views safety as a top priority,” said Matt Casola, Manager, Health, Safety and Security, Sault College. “To complement this, we continue to empower our employees to be champions for health and safety. I strongly believe the actions of our employees are contagious and this has laid a strong foundation for others to follow suit and be active participants in everyone’s safety,” added Casola.

This milestone further reinforces the College’s commitment to establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.  “On behalf of Sault College, I would like to congratulate staff and thank them for their contributions to this important aspect of workplace life,” added Dr. Ron Common, President, Sault College. “We all share in this success and we look forward to continuing to build on this milestone as we advance our strong health and safety program.”

Sault College continues to foster a collaborative approach to health and safety whereby all employees play a pivotal role. “This milestone would not have been possible without the strong commitment that spans across the entire organization,” said Janice Beatty, Vice President, Corporate and Student Services, Sault College. “I am extremely proud to be part of a team that encourages two way communication and gives employees the tools they need to keep our campuses healthy and safe,” she added.

Sault College is proud to have reached this milestone, but remains focused on continuing to make health and safety a priority and building on this achievement.

[1] Workplace Safety and Insurance Board


  1. As a CORE certified health & safety auditor I can tell you that this stat means absolutely nothing.
    There are legal ways to ensure all potential LTI’s and kept as NLTI’s.
    This self-congratulatory back pat is embarrassing.

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