Suspicious package sent to Ford’s house; wife was home but is safe


TORONTO — Premier Doug Ford’s office says police were called to his house yesterday to investigate a suspicious package.

It is believed to have been sent in the mail.

His wife, Karla, was home at the time, but is safe.

A Toronto police spokeswoman says officers from the explosive disposal unit were called today to the west-Toronto neighbourhood near where Ford lives.

Const. Michelle Flannery says police have investigated and deemed the area safe.

There was no immediate word on the contents of the package.



The Canadian Press


  1. I guess it’s time to RESIGN or get along with the people of the country he’s supposed to be running and quit going against them! My opinion… Quit with the cuts to our children’s education along with the cuts you made for children with disabilities (Autism) for instance. I’m a mother of 2 severe autistic boys and you have done nothing but cut their therapies and refused the funding. You’re an ignorant ass and I have nothing to say good to you.

    • Regardless of what he has done it doesn’t give anyone the right to threaten his life… Regardless of who runs this province there will always be people who don’t like how it’s run or the cuts that are made

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