Transport Canada to launch school bus seatbelt pilots in Sudbury, Ont., and B.C.


OTTAWA — Some kids who take the bus to school in British Columbia and Sudbury, Ont., can expect to buckle up as part of a new seatbelt pilot project announced by the federal government on Friday.

Transport Canada says a number of new school buses will be equipped with three-point seatbelts that follow the latest federal safety standards.

It says the participating B.C. location will be announced at a later date.

The agency published new requirements for installing seatbelts on school buses if a province, school board or operator chooses to do so in July 2018.

In January 2018, a national, intergovernmental task force was created to examine school bus safety, with an emphasis on seatbelts.

It says seatbelts can provide an additional layer of safety for more than 51,600 Canadian children who use school buses each day.

Transport Canada says the B.C. government and the Sudbury Student Services Consortium expressed interest in the pilot project, and it’s open to partnering with other governments or jurisdictions too.

“School buses continue to be the safest means of transporting children to and from school in Canada, but if there is an opportunity for improvement, we will explore all options as we continue to study and analyse the potential use of seatbelts on school buses,” federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau said in a statement.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 14, 2020.


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  1. One of my daughters was seriously injured when a school bus driver went speeding through road works years ago at the bottom of Finn Hill in Sault Ste.Marie. shewas previously warned by the school to slow down especially in that area as the roster was dug up. My daughter ended up with a compression fracture in her spine and still suffers with back pain today. When we complained to the board they investigated and one thing we were told was ilt is safer to have the high back seat in front of you than to wear a seatbelt, they said it would stop you flying forward in an accident and if there were seatbelts that could be the cause of death as it could take to long getting kids out of belts! Well my daughter was knocked sideways from her seat as were a few others… I would have rather had the belts on the busses for sure!.

  2. Don’t expect Parents or the Drivers or School Aides to monitor the Seat Belts. They will have to hire a monitor and who will pay the extra costs ? That is why seat belts have not been on School buses before now ! Money folks !

  3. Is Transport Canada or the Provincial Governments going to hire Monitors for every Bus ? The Drivers have all they can handle and most parents are not available to do the Monitoring either. That is why there have been no seat belts on School Buses before now—even though there should have been seat belts before now. The extra costs are the problems. Who will pay ?

  4. Lets hope the parents or guardians are the one’s securing the children in these seats before and unsecuring them after school. Maybe the teachers assistant will do it at the school’s end.

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