17 Year Old Destroys Family Home in Thessalon

OPP Winter

(THESSALON, ON) – On March 30, 2020, shortly before 10:00 p.m., members from the East Algoma Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Detachment responded to a family dispute in the Town of Thessalon where an intoxicated youth was destroying the family home.

As a result of the investigation, the 17 year old youth from Thessalon, Ontario, was charged with:

Two Counts of Assault with a Weapon, contrary to section 267 of the Criminal Code (CC);
Three Counts of Theft Under $5000, contrary to section 334(b) of the CC;
Mischief-Renders Property Dangerous, Useless, Inoperative or Ineffective, contrary to section 430(1) of the CC;
Uttering Threats-Cause Death or Bodily Harm, contrary to section 264.1(1)(a) of the CC;
Fail to Comply with Conditions of Undertaking Given by Officer in Charge, contrary to section 145(5.1) of the CC.

The accused was held in custody for a bail hearing and is scheduled to re-appear before the Ontario Court of Justice in Blind River on Thursday June 4, 2020.


  1. Need to get rid of this youth offenders act or at least lower the age…its not like how it was yrs ago..at 17 yrs old u shouldn’t be getting the option for a slap on the wrist.. and that’s exaclty what’s going to happen here

    • Aaron Morin a couple of weeks ago a 12 year old boy slashed 70 or more tires in Barrie. I believe he was taken by CAS, as difficult as this time of isolation is on the rest of us, I can’t even begin to imagine the challenges of the ones who have unique needs or the ones being confined with such energy.
      I’m not condoning either, I’m just saying I certainly hope schools don’t expect the same students as before this virus. So many kids, and yes adults alike are going to be experiencing mental health issues like never before, this will become very evident once this energy is released back into society.
      I pray someone gives this area of reintroduction into society some very serious thought and be proactive in setting up necessary facilities/hot lines/community support groups/ on line help/chat lines.
      Even getting through this is not going to protect us from the physiological aftermath.
      God bless us all, Day 11 of isolation, my mind wanders, thank goodness for my cat, nothing has changed for her. She takes no notice to my constant presence, her schedule has not changed; nap, stretch, meow for food, even though the dish has plenty, Servant gets off couch, yes, it worked, Servant comes to the rescue, only to say, oh really and walk way. Cat pursues the deck, has that raccoon come back, satisfied, cat walks to bedroom, barely glancing at her Servant and jumps up on the bed to return to another cat nap. No, my cat has not let her schedule be interrupted by my presence, nor do I even dare try, lol.

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