Algoma Steel Visitor COVID-19 Positive


Algoma Steel CEO Michael McQuade issued a memo to employees that a supplier employee tested positive for COVID-19. The supplier employee visited the plant on March 12th from another province. 

An Algoma Steel employee has been in quarantine since March 19th with COVID-19 symptoms. Algoma Public Health confirms there is one positive COVID-19 case but not the Algoma Steel employee. 

McQuade said that “Algoma Public Health has advised the likelihood of transmission is low however out of an abundance of caution we have notified those employees who were in contact with the individual and asked them to stay home and self-monitor for the remainder of the 14-day window.”

“The health and wellbeing of everyone at our workplace remain our top priority,” McQuade’s memo said. 

Algoma Steel restricted visitors to the plant and discontinued all business travel. 


  1. The province he came from that is it mentioned is Quebec , and when that sales rep came Quebec was at that time and is still the highest hit province with covid, wtf was the greedy sales rep or the greedy company thinking allowing traveller to come from anywhere during this pandemic

  2. Since the guy was last here 2 weeks ago, it’s pretty safe to say that anyone who may have gotten sick from him, didn’t. If you’re potentially exposed to this, you have to isolate for 14 days. And well, that adds up to 2 weeks… I think everyone can relax just a bit.

  3. I believe he was either a Truck Driver or a Salesman…now if it was a salesman..that means very different things than if he was a truck driver…cuz a salesman would fly and stay in a hotel and access restaurants…hmmm

  4. So I notice there was no mention of how long this person was here? Where did they stay? Where did they eat? Did they fly in? If so on what flight? Did they shop anywhere? This person was ONLY at Algoma Sterl?

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