ARCH Hospice Implements COVID-19 Precautions, Necessary Visitors Only


In accordance with the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health’s directives for our community to avoid visiting congregated living situations, ARCH is requesting that only necessary visitors present to our community’s Hospice until otherwise notified.

ARCH currently has screening in place that aligns with the most current Algoma Public Health and Ministry of Health guidelines. All visitors, including resident family members, staff and volunteers will be screened prior to determining access to the facility. All potential residents and outreach clients will be screened prior to assessment or admission. This screening is to ensure the continued safety of our residents, families, care team and our community. The Hospice is working on digital communication options for those family members unable to visit in person.

If you have questions about visiting, access, or screening, please call ARCH at 705-942-1556 extension 201. For additional information on COVID-19, please see the Algoma Public Health website: