Baskets of Hope – New North Greenhouses


New North Greenhouses is eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring! Although the global
presence of COVID-19 has resulted in the cancellation of numerous events and an increased
demand for social distancing, New North Greenhouses wants to remind the public that spring is not cancelled and that there is HOPE!

Feeling hopeful, New North Greenhouses is launching a spring promotion in partnership with the Sault Ste. Marie Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). We will be hosting a fundraiser known as “Baskets of Hope” to help support the initiatives of Hope House. It is a program that uses a clubhouse model, including a range of social, vocational, housing and recreational opportunities, for individuals with serious mental illnesses and acts as a centre for hope.

New North Greenhouses will be planting 16” coco-lined wire baskets with a beautiful assortment of annual flowers. Once planted, Baskets of Hope will be available to purchase on our website,, and at the garden centre, when COVID-19 guidelines allow.
Each basket will cost $39.99 plus HST.

Customers who buy a Basket of Hope will be given the opportunity to dedicate their basket to a person in their lives that lives with mental illness, addiction and/or mental health challenges.

Their basket will be tagged with this personal tribute, held and cared for in the greenhouse until May 31st. A donation of $10 from each basket sale will be donated to the local CMHA.
If COVID-19 guidelines allow, in addition to these pre-planted baskets, New North Greenhouses will be scheduling three planting workshops during the first week of May. The fee for the workshop is $45 plus HST. $10 from the registration fee will be donated to the CMHA. During the session, staff will help participants create their own Basket of Hope.

Attendees can dedicate their basket to a person of their choice and baskets will then be cared for in our greenhouse until May 31st.

Customized baskets are limited but also available for purchase. The fee for these baskets will be determined at the time the order is placed. $10 from the sale of customized baskets will be donated to the CMHA.

Depending on government regulations regarding COVID-19, New North Greenhouses
anticipates the hosting of our April 26th, “Hello Spring Greenmarket.” Please stay tuned for
further details.

We look forward to seeing you this spring and would encourage you to keep in contact through our social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.