Del Duca must apologize for his Northern roads record: NDP


THUNDER BAY — Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca will be in Thunder Bay Wednesday, and the NDP says that’s a good time for him to apologize for his choice, as minister, to leave Northerners with unplowed highways and unsalted roads.

In November 2016, Ontario’s Auditor General reviewed Del Duca’s performance as Minister of Transportation, and detailed how poor winter road maintenance had been. Del Duca’s personal record as minister was dangerously bad, including:

Poor service: “The old contracts set out numerous best practices for contractors… the Ministry’s lowest-bid procurement process for the new contracts created a natural incentive to cut costs in order to win contracts.”
Fewer snow plows: “Most contractors aggressively minimized their winter equipment fleets, reducing their ability to meet contract requirements and leading to reduced service.”
No salt treatment: “For anti-icing, some contractors chose to use none at all.”
Wasted money in long run: “Procuring the lowest bidder can cost more in the long run.”
Del Duca owes Northern families an apology for the legacy of unplowed, unsafe Northern roads.


  1. With the Ontario Liberal Party losing party status in the last election, it has a great opportunity to rise from the ashes by restructuring itself based off listening to community input.

    I hope Del Duca’s ‘Ontario North’ Action Plan is adopted, & expanded, by the Ontario Liberals and proper consultation is done to receive community input & put the concerns of Northerners at the forefront of provincial issues.

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