Don’t fall victim to COVID-19 predators!

scam alert

Our newsroom receives our fair share of phishing and scam emails daily, but this one caught our eyes with its attempt to look somewhat credible despite the obvious poor punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Good Day.,

I am Dr Grahams Charles, from “Moderna (MRNA)” a leading US Biotech Firm.

I want to secretly notify you about the avalability of our “Novel coronavirus vaccine,(mRNA-1273):, which have tested competent for prevention and total cure of COVID-19.

Get back to me if you have any family or loved ones who maybe in need of this Vaccine.
Please keep this information confidential as the Government has not Authorized us to sell to the general public.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Dr Grahams Charles M.D. & Ph.D.
Moderna (MRNA)

Whatsapp: +4752561566

With everyone on edge, not to mention more than a bit stressed, trying to weed through what seems like an overwhelming amount of both credible and highly questionable information circulating regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging. It was only a matter of time before internet predators emerged with their attempts to prey on as many as they possibly can.

Please stay safe and avoid falling victim to conspiracy theorists inciting panic, homemade remedies “guaranteed” to either prevent or cure novel coronavirus, or any other attempts to use email, websites, social media or videos to make our current situation even more difficult.

Visit SaultOnline’s COVID-19 page for information and links to credible resources. Take the kids outside to enjoy some fun activities in our naturally gifted surroundings or haul out that dusty old board game from the top shelf of the linen closet. Hopefully in a few weeks after we’ve all done our part to Flatten the Curve, we will welcoming a beautiful COVID-19 free Spring season with open arms!