Expect a Lot of Melting This Weekend


Don’t fret about the snow we just got (about 10.8cm) recorded at the Sault Airport, it likely won’t last long.

A warming trend is setting up that will boost our temps to possibly 10c by Monday.

The warm air is courtesy of the jet stream that will now ride above the great lakes for the next five days and that means warmer than usual air flooding the region.

We won’t lose all the snow of course, that usually takes until the second week in April to get rid of our snow pack.

Environment Canada is calling for temperatures to rise Saturday to plus 4, then plus 8 by Sunday. Rain showers could develop as the temperature could hit 10c on Monday.

Normal highs for this time of year is about 1.1c  , the warmest ever recorded for this time of year was 11.7c in 1974 while the coldest temperature was recorded in 2003 with a bone chilling -31.2c

The warming trend will come to an end briefly Monday night into Tuesday. Overnight temps are expected to fall to -13c Monday night.  The warm air then returns late next week with seasonal temperatures.

By the way, this Sunday we move our clocks ahead an hour as daylight savings time kicks in. A sure sign of Spring!


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