Family Relieved Fur Baby Is Back Home!


A week ago we brought you the story of Aurora , a young husky pup that went missing after being brought home to the Sault from southern Ontario.

The Traynor family rescued the dog age 2 and half  settled into the family , and decided to take her for a walk at the Fort Creek area. At that very moment, Aurora decided to bolt and go on a little adventure. All the time the family worried and concerned about their new dog.

For weeks the family searched the area, posted to social media and also contacted to get the word out.

Family and friends search each and everyday with no luck. That was until a few days ago.

“she was found on Second Line past Airport road. she went up a bank and got herself into a fenced area in someone’s yard but couldn’t get herself back out. then Mike showed up with nets” Nora Traynor, posted online.  “the owner of the house opened the door and she ended up running into the house and that’s how we caught her. a complicated story and definitely a team effort”

Needless to say the family was ecstatic with finding Aurora after two weeks of wandering.

Kyna Traynor tells  that Aurora is doing fine. “She has some sores on her pads of her feet, very tired fur baby”

“She does not seem to want anything to do with going outside, This morning Nora took her out and she literally jumped back into bed” Taynor said.





  1. She messed up and went into that deg pen area, couldn’t figure out how to climb out, and gave us a chance to finally catch up to her..a perfect ending to a long search. So happy for her safe return to her new family 🙂

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