Gas Prices Fall In The Sault, But Not Like Other Places


Gas prices fell overnight at most local gas stations. Prices fell from $117.9 to $1.11 Wednesday morning.

Not all stations are cutting prices however,  some Esso and Shell stations were still posting the higher prices as of 9am Wednesday.

Oil sold off sharply on Monday after Saudi Arabia kicked off a price war, announcing to the world that the country would pump as much crude as it wanted to, which began a race to the bottom for producers desperate to gobble up as much market share as they could at fire-sale prices.

Prices began to fall in North America Monday giving motorists a break at the pumps that hasn’t been seen for three years. On average stations dropped prices by about 7 cents a litre across the country.

Compared to other locations in the province, Sault Ste. Marie remains one of the highest prices for regular fuel in the province, even with the 6 cent drop overnight.

Prices are as low as .77 a litre in Alderville (a First Nation reserve near Peterborough) while other cities in Southern Ontario are seeing prices in the low to high 80 cents a litre range.

In Northern Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie leads all other major centres.  Sudbury gas stations are posting prices of $107.9 meanwhile in Thunder Bay prices have dropped below a dollar to .96 a litre . North Bay prices range from $1.03 to $1.11 a litre.

Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy says Canadians could see another 6 to 7 cent drop over the next few weeks but Americans will see the biggest drop in prices.

-with files from CBC


  1. It’s been like that for over a month now! I’ve travelled down south twice in the past month and it was $1-1.07 from Toronto up to North bay! As soon as you headed into “McDougall country“ (Sudbury-Soo) it jumped 10-20 cents per litre. Go figure! We’re definitely being gouged!

  2. Please make accurate statements about Thunder Bay prices. In Thunder Bay proper, prices are still in the 1.18 to 1.19 range. Fort William First Nations are below 1.00.

  3. If every in the Sault would boycot gas stations and not buy gas in the Sault for one long weekend we might get some action when they lose that income and join us in the fight against high gas prices here in good old Sault Ste Marie. Think about it there is always power in numbers

    • Sault Ste. Marie Ontario has always preaching about buying local. LOL,
      but they seem to take advantage of us every steel plant payday or when the oil prices go down they keep the gas prices up.
      I give my business to whoever has the best prices looks like I’ll definitely continue buying my fuel across the river, U.S.A

  4. The Sault’s gas supply arrives by ship, the cheapest bulk transport. “Experts” say when refineries switch to summer gas the price will rise slightly, as it is more expensive to produce.

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