Getting creative with social distancing

Two-and-a-half-year-old Sophia Deluco gets ready to open her own Italian restaurant. March 18, 2020. Photo supplied by Morgan Kevill

Share your creative stories of how you are keeping busy while keeping your distance.

SaultOnline would love to hear any positive stories you have on how you’re spending your social distancing? Now is the perfect time than ever to get back into the things you didn’t have time to do before, such as painting, journaling, knitting, sewing, colouring, baking, singing – the sky’s the limit. Break out a puzzle or consider having a night filled with board games and cards, or curl up with a book. Call an old friend and see how they are doing, get outside and breathe some fresh air, or pick up a musical instrument you haven’t played in while there are a million in one ways to spend your time and we’d love to hear it! By sharing your stories, it may lead to more creativity and more ideas to brighten the day and to share with our news team.

Such as one local mom and nursing student, Morgan Kevill, is taking advantage of her time off and has started to plan themed dinners to help make each day a little different for her family. Last night was one of the first dinners, and it was Italian themed, “Last night was the first themed dinner! I am trying to do an activity every day to make the days a little meaningful. Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day. Tonight might be camping,” says Kevill.

When asked about the importance of doing something different each day during social distancing, Kevill said, “I think it’s important because even though we are socially distancing and everything is closed, life is still happening and days are going by. A lot of us have the opportunity to have full days with our families for the next little while, and I would like to make them as meaningful as possible.”

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