Hello Hello Cannabis, Welcome To Sault Ste. Marie


SAULT STE. MARIE: Hello Cannabis now says hello to Sault Ste. Marie, as the grand opening, began at 10 a.m. Friday, March 6. The new Hello Cannabis store in Sault Ste. Marie is built with 100% Soo talent. Everything from contractors, suppliers, inspectors, and staff, it is all locally supported. From the moment you walk into Hello Cannabis, the atmosphere around you changes. Customers walk in with a gentle greeting from a “budtender” who is there to assist with any questions.

Cannabis connoisseurs have the chance to explore the many options, from vape pens, types of strains and edibles, all conveniently displayed.

Hello Cannabis isn’t here to stir the pot but to educate the community on the bigger picture. Cannabis doesn’t have to be a bad word. The hope for Hello Cannabis is to redefine the experience of purchasing cannabis and to help dissolve the negative stigma associated with cannabis.


For further information, please visit, https://hellocannabis.ca/about/


  1. Using cannabis is a personal choice like booze but I thought the idea of opening stores like this was to buy a safer product at a reasonable prices to eliminate the black market. The prices at this place are out to lunch and will only increase the demand for black market product. To wipe out any percentage of the black market they would have to sell quality product for $5 or $6 a gram. This $9 to $12 plus per gram pricing is just plain gouging people and will make the black market thrive more than ever.

  2. This isn’t even about marijuana right now. I asked you for a credible source for your argument and you can not provide that, therefore leading all of us to believe you do not have a credible source. Then again clearly you don’t know what that means

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