Hop along with Sault Ste. Marie Easter Egg Hunt


In light of recent social distancing, Saultites have taken it upon themselves to create a wholesome community event, a city-wide Easter Egg Hunt. Sarah Skagen, the creator of the Facebook group, put it into mention thinking she can get 30 to 40 friends involved, but she never thought it would turn into something this big.  Sarah was initially added to a group, from out in Alberta, that’s doing an Easter Egg Hunt with over 20,000 members.

Sarah thought, “Hi, why not give it a shot” and created the SSM Easter Egg Hunt page on Facebook, where families can share and post their easter egg pictures. In just two days, this publicly open group has reached 3,000 group members and is still growing!

“The idea that since the kids are all stuck at home and activities can be a challenge, why not make something fun and safe that can be done by either walking around your neighbourhood or by taking a drive?” says group member Lianne Lavergne. 

Lavergne continues, “All of a sudden, there were posts of families making decorations, people offering up templates and even craft supplies to those in need.  It made for a very happy day.”

The Easter Egg Hunt isn’t just limited to Sault Ste. Marie residents, individuals from Goulais, Prince Township, Heyden, Searchmont, etc. are all encouraged to get creative and share your Easter moments. 

Sarah has asked everyone to have their displays up by Monday (March 23, 2020). Some people have even taken to putting out their Christmas Trees and covering them with Easter eggs. 

Go have a look at the group! It’s filled with all kinds of Easter creations. Stay tuned for the full interview to follow with Sarah Skagen.



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