#InThisTogetherSSM: Huckson’s Water Depot changes U-Fill Water Process


Huckson’s Water Depot is being proactive, like many other local businesses, in adjusting to social distancing practices. The U-Fill water station Huckson’s Water Depot offers will now be changed; customers will no longer have the ability to self-fill. Instead, an employee will be handling all bottling processes.

“Right now, we’ve taken extra precautions to protect both the safety of the public and our staff. We are also limiting the use of the U-Fill station to only our employees to prevent inadvertently contaminating our faucets and bottle washers. What we hope with all of these measures is to continue providing safe drinking water for our local residents,” said Brenda Swystun, owner and operator, Huckson’s Water Depot.  

“I think together if we all put in the effort to minimize the exposure between our employees and the public, we’ll be able to continue offering these services. Our hope is that the public is cooperative with our social distancing and keeping out of our U-Fill area. Our worst fear here is one of us gets infected, which means we’d all be under quarantine, and we’d have to shut down.” 

Any pipe type of plumbing work such as new dishwashers or faucet installs, Huckson’s Water Depot kindly asks for the public to set that aside for now, until it is safe for employees to enter homes. 

“We are asking that the residents only ask for our plumbing services for emergencies type repairs, such as broken water or drain lines, electric hot water tanks, and blocked up sewers or drains. Those are the types of emergencies that can cause damage to a house or create unsanitary living conditions.”

“We’d like to thank the public for continuing to support us during these difficult times.  We’re making every effort we can to protect everyone’s safety, and we really appreciate the Saultites and local residents continuing to come in and show their gratitude for the services we’re still supplying.” 

Business hours Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Huckson’s will not be offering Saturday services and suggest if any clients can’t make it during business hours and require water to please call Huckson’s Water Depot for arrangments. 

For more information, please visit https://www.huckson.com/.