Hysteria Hits Local Stores


It appears the hysteria of the COVID-19 virus has hit Sault Ste. Marie shoppers who are stocking up on everything from food to toilet paper.  Numerous reports to the SaultOnline.com newsroom show that many grocery stores including Romes, Metro and Food Basics along with Walmart have run out of certain supplies, namely toilet paper.

Photo courtesy Robin Wade

Panicked shoppers are stockpiling supplies in fear that stores may close or they might get the virus and not venture out for sometime. As of yet, there has not been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in Sault Ste. Marie.

Nationally and down south in the United States, there have been reports of fights breaking out over toilet paper, hand sanitizers. So far things have stayed civil here in the Sault.

Photo Courtesy Robin Wade



  1. Everyone is upset that things are no longer available for purchase however don’t say you didn’t see it coming??? Everyone who is reading this had access to everything going on in the world for the last month. It was a matter of time. Don’t be hating on people that prepared hate on yourself u didn’t take ur seriously enough… just sayin

    • No. There is absolutely NO excuse for people to be buying things in excess suddenly. Plenty of people shop weekly according to what they plan on eating for the week, some are only able to shop once a month. This is not the time for ignorance and selfishness. It’s time for consideration of others and being mindful.

    • No one is hating anyone. The problem in the Sault is there must be a lot of sheep living there. There isnt even one NOT ONE positive case in all the Algoma district.. and ya all gone nuts. I guess people who really need and I mean really need these things good for you. But grabbing more than one or two pack of T.P. is a sign of a real problem. And hand sanitizer oh man any kind of SOAP with water will kill more germs on your hands sanitizers takes up to 60 seconds befor they kill a few germs on your hands so how dumb to scoop it all up. And IF you need to be quarantined ITS ONLY FOR 14 DAYS holy man
      If you dont have food and laundry detergent, dish soap. Kleenex, and a few rolls of bathroom toilet paper what’s wrong with all of you. !!!!!

  2. Truly rediculous, I realize the media has caused this panic, that causes people to lose common sense, but common now people hording toilet paper …lol…have a little consideration for others.

  3. This is sad.. people hoarding toilet paper, Kleenex, baby wipes… Some of us NEED this stuff and can’t get it. Yet some of u are sitting on piles of it.

  4. Is it possible to post the actual stats on how this virus isnt that bad? The percentage of people who actually dont have any symptoms and those who recovered. Like fear mongering is a thing..

  5. I need to get groceries, I guess I’ll just deal with what I got 🤷‍♀️ frig that……..I’m not standing in an hour long line for 10 items, sad that there is no cure for stupid 🤦‍♀️

  6. 😾so ashamed in everyone’s behaviour.
    Even more pissed to find essentials are marked up to 300% higher online due to hysteria.
    I just want toilet paper,baby wipes, and paper towel that is NECESSARY

  7. Relax people we’re not all going to die.
    This will get every company and people to start cleaning much better.
    We will be ok China 🇨🇳 is on the mend .
    Looking at a month of this , then it will be ok

  8. It’s not a virus that I’m scared of is the fact that everybody is going so crazy not leaving items for anybody else especially the elderly I can’t even get one bottle of sanitizer anywhere looked online can’t get them off Amazon can’t get them off eBay can’t get them off any of the stores they are sold out worldwide that is ridiculous people need two items per person like calm down the poor elderly are being left with nothing because everybody else is going crazy

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