Letter: C-19 of 20-20 ; What Is Really Behind This


During the following, the world didn’t all of a sudden quarantine itself and shut every institution; Sars, Swine Flu, Mad Cow disease, Ebola, Aids, Mers, Avian etc. No, they just used common sense and life went on. Many, many well-respected doctors from around the world are also saying this is overkill, so there is something to this. It is unprecedented and we need to know why.

Well, this is a very touchy topic as I didn’t graduate at the top of my class in regards to infectious diseases. I did not go to medical school for that matter….but I have been on this planet for 48 years and have witnessed trillions of amounts on information, misinformation, and many many redactions. Personally, I know there is a virus out there that kills the elderly that have weak immune systems, and it kills the young with compromised immune systems. I have much sympathy for them and their families. Hey, I am not a cold person; it hurts watching people pass. As much as I am not a passionless and cold person, I am also a person with questions, and I question whether or not this Pandemic is not going into the overkill realm with the cancellation of life.

NBA, NHL, Rock Concerts, Conferences, Education, etc are all being cancelled domino effect left, right; and centre and I don’t think this is the way to go. The virus from what we are told is a stronger strain of the influenza virus that also kills the weak immune and elderly every since the dawn of life. The only difference from what I understand is that it spreads easier. Limiting gatherings to 250 (at this time of writing) is going to do not a damn thing in containing it. If person A with the virus is in that group, they could possibly transmit it to 249 people and this goes on and on and on.

The prime ministers’ wife Sophie has been confirmed positive; does Justin look paranoid? Is she on death’s door? The answer is NO. She has a strain of the flu that can possibly have strong effects on the life of a weak immune person and she is young and aside from some coughs and sniffles, will be fine.

So what is the answer to the big C19 scare of 2020? I would think and many doctors agree; business as usual and common sense. Wash your hands, keep the people that would be susceptible to this home until it passes. We have the flu season every year and every year thousands die across the world because the older bodies cannot fight it anymore. I think all of the organizations are doing this as a result of marketing and branding, not out of compassion for the common person. The NBA, NHL etc are doing this because they don’t want their product to be known for deaths that could be traced back to someone that attended one of their events.

This is not to say that the owners and governors don’t have compassion, but in my opinion, a lot of these decisions are based on the bobblehead effect. If we don’t do it and it gets worse, we’ll look bad and our product will not be able to sell afterwards.

Since this all began to snowball, you have the sleazebuckets out there hiking up the price of things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bottled water etc… in Sault Ste. Marie !! As of March 15, we don’t have ONE, not ONE case of the virus in any of our citizens and some retailers are gouging. I refrain to name them as I don’t have the proof and am not wasting my time searching for it. There are too many people saying that this is true and where there is smoke there is fire, so to some degree, it is valid. For whatever reason, the people saying these things are reluctant to name themselves. All in all, I am sure that greed is taking over in the situation. There was an idiot in BC that was featured on CTV news of having stockpiled $2 hand sanitizer in order to resell it at a profit almost 20 times higher; people like this have no conscience and should be held accountable. Canada, in 2001 enacted an anti-gouging bylaw and after all of this nonsense is settled, I hope the authorities take action.

We also have the greedy people of 3 in the household, buying up 10 boxes of toilet paper etc; what about the people that live paycheque to paycheque and can’t afford to buy it, and do so only when needed? What about these people? Have you no shame? What kind of a society do you live in? Make all the excuses you want, Christ has not entered city limits and we are not nearing the end of times; get a grip and start using common sense and feel for your fellow humans.

Where do we go from here? There are a lot of questions to be answered. Is this biological warfare, or experiment? Is this population control? If you are laughing right now, just research it; biological weapons have been used in past World Wars and there are secret sites worldwide that play in this sort of sandbox. How do you think the Atomic bomb was invented? There are sinister and evil people in this world and all you have to do is look at the war crimes committed over the years.

Was this actually something that evolved naturally? Sure it is possible, but the real facts are not known yet. An interesting note is that Sylvia Browne a famous medium/physic had predicted in her book End of Days this very eerie situation we know face ourselves in. Dean Koontz has also written years ago about the very same thing. in a passage from his book Eyes of Darkness.

Hey, I am not jumping on the above as the cause of the outbreak, I am just saying that there are many unanswered questions and before the closing the doors to planet earth, the authorities have a duty to be honest and tell us everything about this. So far we know very little and they are ordering us to stop living among each other. There is MORE to this and in the coming weeks we will find out. If Julian Assange wasn’t imprisoned right now, we would probably find out things quicker.

If you comment below, be respectful and as I always say; “we can agree to disagree”

Take this opportunity to spend time with your families in the outdoors and take care of some of those projects you have been delaying. Take this time also to reevaluate your life and use this as a turning point for the better.

Don’t forget to wash your hands after you pee, and refrain from coughing in peoples faces 😜

See you on the flip side, my friends.

-Ernest Skinner


  1. Yes there is much suspicion about the origin of C19 and I doubt we will ever know the truth.
    My stand on this is better safe than sorry. Stay inside till the thing passes.
    But then I am 71 and one of the many at higher risk.
    I also beleive that we can come out of this thing better and stronger.
    Be nice to each other in this stressful time.

  2. I agree with you 100%. I think all of this hype is being blown way out of proportion. Fingers are being pointed at President Trump, politics, pharmacies, toilet paper companies, the media, being blamed for all of this when in fact the only ones responsible for this chaos is us, the public, the people because we’ve stopped using common sense. What we need to do is sit back, think things out and use common sense to come up with the situation as it really is. Things are not as dire as we’re making it out to be and because of that we are turning against our own fellow men. We need to just calm down and let nature take it’s course. It will be over as soon as we let it. Sad times indeed.

  3. Definitely much more to this story. People might be interested in reading up on the U.N.’s Agenda 21 for food for thought, it’s a long read, but 179 countries have signed on to, and agree with it, scary times.

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